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Mite harm exactly how much, in addition to mite instrument can really kill mites?

Published in2017-04-19


    In the face of the market all kinds of mite removal instrument products, many people in the purchase of the time can not help asking questions, mites harm exactly how much? Can mite removal really kill mites? We will discuss these two issues with all of us.

    Mites, because the volume is very small, the naked eye can not see, it is often overlooked, but under the microscope, you can see there are a lot of mites in our sleeping mattresses, pillows, sofa, face ferocious abnormal!

      The data showed that China's total allergy incidence accounted for nearly 1/3 of the total population, and according to China epidemiological investigation, these patients with allergic diseases, as high as 60% to 70% allergens are mite; time on allergic rhinitis patient allergens found that 84.32% of patients allergic to mites. Allergic children proportion is as high as 10% to 91.6%; and 13 of children under the age of 14 patients with allergic rhinitis. Dust mite is the current domestic and foreign scholars recognized as an important cause of asthma and allergic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, about 80% of all and the dust mites, especially significant impact on children's asthma and allergic rhinitis patients. Not only that, but mites can also cause and exacerbate people's discomfort. Thus, mites are very harmful to humans, and it is imperative to remove mites, especially in people who are allergic to dust mites.


      Mite harm is so great, of course, must be in addition to mites, in addition to mite instrument is a good way to remove mites, in daily life, there are many people chose to use the mite removal instrument to remove mites, mites can really kill mites? The principle we must first lift the mite mites instrument, mainly through the "strong beat", "clean air" and "ultraviolet" and "rotary brush" and other common operations, will hide the mattress mites sucked into the dust collecting box. Kang Baonai face removal of mites as an example, through a minute or so 6000 times high frequency vibration, effectively clean the face mites, from the actual use of the effect, in addition to mite effect is remarkable

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