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China's air purifier market is maturing, showing daily, standardized, rational three major trends - Hualong network

Published in2017-04-19

  1. Recently, in the country at the same time the temperature gradually increased, the weather gets warmer, more haze has once again been "invaded", which not only affects people immersed in the beautiful spring scenery in the pleasant mood, is a public health "invisible killer". In recent years, with the problem of air pollution has been paid more and more attention, the air purifier market has risen rapidly, become more and more families, companies and other places of the standard, and this has led to a "young air purifier market showing a barbaric growth momentum.

    In order to regulate the market, in March 2016 the implementation of the new national standard air purifier has set a benchmark for the industry, it is relatively more emphasis on air purifier GB overall energy efficiency standards, but not if the filter net is part of a class of the standard to be clear. With the continuous upgrading of consumer shopping concepts and the gradual maturity of the market, there will inevitably be more detailed national standards coming into being in the future, so as to achieve a healthy development of the industry.

    In this regard, the industry pointed out that more standards do not mean to bring shackles to the industry, but will help promote the current "mixed cohabitation" air purifier market to complete the shuffle, the expulsion of bad money. At present, China's air purifier market is showing a daily, standardized and rational three major trends. For consumers, this means that the purchase of air purifiers no longer have no standard to follow; for each brand, this is undoubtedly an opportunity and challenge of the wind.

        Air purifier will be the fifth largest home appliance

          Data show that the air purifier products at a rate of 27% in the popularity of the American family, in Japan there are up to 17% coverage, but the air pollution problem is more serious in our country, this data is only 1%.

     Corresponds with the extremely low family popularity rate, is in the past two years air purifier market explosive growth. In 2016, China's air purifier market scale has reached 5 million 740 thousand units, and the retail volume and retail sales of products reached 19.3% and 23.6% respectively. According to data released by the China Industry Research Institute, the future of China's air purifier sales will remain 30%-35% growth rate, is expected in 2017 sales scale of more than 100 billion yuan, up to 300 billion yuan in 2020.

    Although the country's governance efforts to haze problems continue to strengthen, but this is still a long way to go. Nowadays, more and more ordinary consumers are also aware of the importance of air quality. Masks have become what many people will take with us. After a survey showed that the air quality is not good that the proportion of users up to 74.7%, 22.7% of users said that in general, only 2.7% of users said that the air quality is good, and very good accounted for 0 of users.

    It is not difficult to find, the public for air quality, breathing, health and other aspects of concern is increasing, and further promote the consumer demand for air purifiers. Predictably, the air purifier will slowly become more routine, into the lives of more people, and become the fifth largest home appliance after television, air conditioning, refrigerators and washing machines.

        National policies, improve industry standards, market standardization is imperative

    So in the face of the air purifier market with great potential, there must be a reasonable standard restraint before the launch of the new national standard in 2015, the number of brands of air purifier industry has reached 546, is nearly 4 times in 2013.

    However, the market hot often means the fish in troubled waters. After the introduction of the new national standard in March 2016, in the same year in October, in a short period of 7 months, the number of brands in the industry decreased by more than 100. At the same time, the industry is a slight increase in product prices. This represents the technical barriers to promotion, some low-end products, related enterprises mix price, the quality of the products and gradually withdraw from the market.

    At the end of 2016, a air purifier product quality inspection report issued by the General Administration of quality inspection, checks 56 production of 61 batches of products, product sample pass rate of 75.4%, there are still some problems.

    Obviously, just a standard is far from enough. Moreover, the current air purifier new national standard is mainly for the whole machine, the focus is the overall energy efficiency of air purifiers, such as filters, such as components and so on, there is still a lack of clear reference standards.

    Such a situation will soon change. It is reported that the National Standardization Technical Committee appliances have already begun to develop and promote the core components of the standard "purifier, air purifier filters", "air purifier with electrostatic dust filter" two industry standard has entered the final stage, is expected to be formally introduced in 2018. After the implementation of these two industry standards, no doubt will provide consumers with more intuitive reference, so that the air purifier market has been standardized.

    Domestic professional air purifier brand 352 responsible person said, the introduction of these two standards will mark the initial completion of the air purifier industry standards, but also means that the industry's technical barriers to upgrade again. By then, the industry environment will be further purified, lack of innovation and technical capacity of enterprises will be eliminated, leaving the enterprise will get rapid development, and has the ability to provide more quality products and services for consumers.

    Big brand market will fade or the theory of reputation

    With the standardization of the market, in addition to technical clearance of small and medium-sized enterprises, some well-known big brands will also be affected. In the past air purifier market, due to the lack of professional knowledge of consumers, the market air purifier will often appear big brands, a few big phenomenon. Data show that in 2016, the air purifier market brand attention proportion distribution, PHILPS, Samsung, SHARP three foreign brands accounted for the industry's top three, the overall proportion of more than 40%. Excessive brand effect makes the living space of small and medium-sized brands being squeezed, and more serious, may lead to the gradual loss of vitality of the industry.

    On the other hand, it is worth noting that large brands do not represent quality clearance. According to the State Quality Inspection Administration informed the 2016 catalogue of import and export commodities supervision, import commodities, concern air purifier failure rate as high as 23.2%, Samsung, SHARP also boarded the blacklist, there is advertising inconsistent with the actual problems.

    As the process of consumption upgrading continues to accelerate, consumers' awareness is constantly improving, and more and more people will do their homework before purchasing products. At the same time, with the establishment of standard and transparent market information of the Internet era, the air purifier market brand bonus has come to an end, other home appliances giant brand alone will be no longer able to rule in the air purifier market. And this also creates opportunities for more small and medium enterprises, higher professional, more practical air purifier will have the opportunity to rely on good product reputation to occupy the market.

    And professional air purification companies like 352, in the future positioning is the whole house air solutions provider, not just an air purifier manufacturers. From the living room air purifier to the bedroom dedicated air purifier, and then to the new air machine, and then outdoor portable masks and air quality testing equipment, are 352 comprehensive solutions derived products.

    In the last year during the double eleven, Jingdong and Taobao sales data show that in addition to the PHILPS home appliance brands, 352, millet and other domestic brands to become the air purifier market worthy of the name "explosion" brand, sales ranked the forefront of similar products.

    For the air purifier market, this is undoubtedly the beginning of a virtuous circle. The rationalization of consumers, so that more enterprises have the opportunity; the standardization of the market and the daily product, but also the future of this industry is full of possibilities. In the future, the air purifier market will really usher in a hundred flowers bloom in the spring.

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