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Back to the south to wet dry dehumidifier to create Home Furnishing environment

Published in2017-04-19

  1. Unusually cold spell after 2 months of back to the South with hot and humid weather makes indoor wet, feel cold, depressed, even bacteria cause physical discomfort.

    At this point, even if a dozen desiccant boxes together, the battle is only a drop in the bucket, and air-conditioning Jun not only power consumption, and limited dehumidification function,

    Professional things, of course, should be handed over to professional machines to do - Home dehumidifier at this time a great deal of use, so that you easily get rid of the trouble back south.

    In this special period of wet Legion havoc, many families will inevitably face off, take a series of smallpox wall water, wet floor, damp electrical failure, to beat the powerful opponent, must reach the master level of dehumidification skills, such as fast in the wet "core" bear the dehumidifier. Strong high-quality compressor, fast lasting dehumidifier, let Home Furnishing dry and comfortable environment.

    And strong pumping capacity, even large family bedroom, living room and bathroom can be all settled.

    Of course, in addition to the wet house, the bear dehumidifier is also equipped with clothes drying function, multi dimensional pendulum design can make clothes fast dry, without ironing, but also dry and clean.

    One machine dual-use, high cost performance, easy to solve the south of the wet all over the brain, and carefully protect family health.

    DH portable dehumidifier Kang Baonai no longer have wet ground slowly, intimate design function, let you forget the outside back to the south, dry and comfortable always online.

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