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Dome under anti haze fresh air system health - Sina

Published in2016-12-24

  1. Jing Chai shot depth investigation "on the expense of millions of haze under the dome", with systematic thinking, extensive investigation and detailed data, the diversification of vivid audio-visual language, give us a vivid lesson haze". Since the broadcast, video hits millions of times, brush friends circle explosion. Jing Chai mentioned in the speech: when the haze is most serious, had to shut her daughter at home to escape haze. Go out to vaccinate, even if the child opens his mouth to smile to himself, all bear the experience, very afraid. Jing Chai in the video is a children in the sky heavy haze sports class, see here believe that each parents will worry: we could not have been "imprisoned" children, one day they will be exposed in the haze. How do we protect the children under the dome, and let them breathe clean and safe each time? Let's analyze the common anti haze ways of children, and see if these methods are scientific and effective.

    One haze days stay indoors, useful? 

    As everyone knows, fog and haze days stay indoors, close the doors and windows. But when the outdoor air PM2.5 index burst table, closed doors and hiding in the interior of the children, the air is safe? According to Hangzhou air purification technology Carrie (INDOOR AIR QUALITY CONTROL IAQC) laboratory research data show that, if you do not take any measures, when higher concentrations of PM2.5 outdoor, indoor and outdoor concentrations generally will remain the same. Closed doors and windows for a long time, but also lead to indoor VOC, formaldehyde, radon concentration increased, outdoor PM2.5 concentration and indoor pollution source release will affect the quality of indoor air. Another group of experiments in science and technology, Carrie IAQC (INDOOR AIR QUALITY CONTROL) laboratory to install FILTECH net oxygen intelligent air system of residential test data show that the clean fresh air (PM2.5 value is nearly equal to zero) Everfount into the room, can not open the window ventilation, the indoor air fresh and clean.

    Ask him what so clear as water, only to springhead. Haze days to reduce outdoor activities, as far as possible to let children stay indoors, but the premise is that the room has a safe and effective air purification treatment device, to ensure that indoor and outdoor air circulation and purification.

    The British once in the last century began in 50s suffered haze harm, especially in the two months after the smog event nearly 8000 people died of respiratory system disease. In order to effectively curb fog and haze, the British promulgated the "air cleaning act" and many other laws. And the government funded the transformation of household fireplaces, using clean energy gas instead of coal. The general public's understanding of the haze has gradually deepened, and by 1999, 97.81% of families in Britain have installed a new wind system, to protect the family breathing health. However, the general families in our country still lack the knowledge of air purification, and the importance of the new wind system is still lacking.

    Two go out for children wear anti haze mask reliable?

    In 2014, Carrie technology IAQC (INDOOR AIR QUALITY CONTROL) laboratory tested more than 10 kinds of anti haze mask filter effect, the experimental data show that really can prevent haze masks rarely. Filter PM2.5 good effect mask, must be sealed very well. Is it possible for children to wear high filter effectiveness anti haze masks? Take N95 masks as an example: N95 masks are industrial dust masks, with a capture capacity of less than 0.3 microns and a 95% anti haze effect. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) data show that wear N95 masks will make the respiratory resistance increased, so the United States Food and Drug Administration recommended for patients with chronic respiratory disease, heart disease or other diseases caused by breathing difficulties, the use of the respirator should consult medical professionals. And Germany's labor insurance regulations more clearly stipulates that workers wear N95 mask every time not more than half an hour; every half an hour wearing N95 masks, masks must be removed, breathing for more than half an hour. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the respiratory system, which can lead to hypoxia and syncope even when severe.

    Tests have shown that professional anti haze masks, and face close fitting, filtering effect is good, but tight tightness, airflow resistance increased, "breathe in" and "exhale" will be difficult. The child's respiratory system is immature, and tight, tight respirators increase breathing burden and affect physical development. As a result, children are especially careful not to wear anti haze masks for long periods of time.

    Three is it feasible to install air purification system in schools, dormitories and other places?

    The school is the longest place for children to stay every day. Is it feasible for schools to install air cleaning systems? In December 2014, Carrie technology in Hangzhou, a primary school student apartments (200 square meters) and classrooms were installed FILTECH net oxygen intelligent new air system, and every 3 minutes to collect data, continuous testing for 24 hours. The report shows that FILTECH net oxygen intelligent new air system in the opening 1 hours, PM2.5 value plummeted, about 3 hours later, the apartment's air quality to good standards (PM2.5 below 30). FILTECH net oxygen intelligent new air system, noise at about 30 decibels, 24 hours power consumption is only 1 degrees.

    Air conditioning is now very common in apartment buildings, but air purification systems that protect children and their health are hard to find. We are very eager to see, no haze classroom, no haze school, no haze dormitory, etc., can occur as soon as possible, to protect children's respiratory health.

    In the ten "haze" volts at the moment, short-term to improve air quality, indoor use of air purification equipment is the fastest effect, the most obvious way. In the long run, the improvement of the air requires every citizen to adopt a low carbon and green lifestyle and make some efforts to improve the atmosphere. One less fireworks, less driving, less smoke, less electricity...... Don't take small things for good, but little efforts will always pay off. As Jing Chai said, "a man who knows that he has done a little thing can make things better, and he can be at ease.". Looking back on the war between man and pollution,...... There are thousands of ordinary people. One day they say "no", I'm not satisfied, I don't want to wait, nor am I going to shuffle anymore. I'm going to stand up and do something, right here, right now, right here!"

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