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Air Purifier with Ozone & Negative Ions
Air Purifier with Ozone & Negative Ions Return list

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The EP202 ozone and negative ion air cleaner is compact in size, technologically advanced, and can simultaneously eliminate odor and purify air. It is suitable for use in places such as the living room, bed room, garage, etc.

Ozone is a very powerful oxidizing gas which oxidizes long chain molecules that can be smelt by the nose. When oxidized, these long chain molecules break down into shorter molecules that cannot be smelt, thus removing the odor from the air.

Negative ions are considered the “vitamin of the air”. Molecules usually carry a neutral charge; however, when molecules lose an electron, they become anions (negatively charged ions). Anions are relatively unstable, and will attract and trap any free electron pairs. As a result of this attraction, small air pollutants and dust molecules bind with anions, producing an air purifying effect.


·         High output of negative ions at above -6kV

·         Stainless steel pin electrodes

·         Flashing neon to indicate output pulses and battery status

·         Ultrasonic frequency waves at about 30kHz

·         High ozone output using twin ozone generating tubes,<0.08 ppm over 8 hours

·         Effective area 15-20(150-200 ft sq.)

·         Brushless long live D.C fan to blow ozone out of casing

·         Power consumption:<300mA at 6V D.C

·         Dimension: 76× 63×83mm3” ×2 1/2” × 3 1/4”

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